Coming soon! Award for Palliative Care Leadership Programmes

We are delighted to announce a new leadership award in palliative care. We are looking for evidence of leadership capacity building programmes worldwide that are striving to develop palliative care at a time when it is needed most. These initiatives could take place in your hospice, hospital or other palliative care institution.

The ‘Award for Palliative Care Leadership Programmes’ will be awarded to a training programme which best fulfills the stipulated criteria:

  • Awareness and where possible evidence of a needs assessment which address national challenges
  • Demonstrable evidence of national and/or international impact in palliative care
  • Examples of accreditation or scientific awards, if any
  • The ability to present a comprehensive leadership programme in palliative care which includes e.g. (Project) management, leadership theory, decision-making, personal development, research
  • A portfolio of evidence based teaching, (clinical) experience exchange, best practice that demonstrates a range of diverse and innovative teaching methods to enhance knowledge, skills, attitudes and integrate theory and practice
  • Strong evidence of quality assurance and outcome measurement programmes to identify process and assess impact
  • Be able to show a multidisciplinary team in action.
  • Provide evidence of an infrastructure (facilities, course management, student support, alumni) which demonstrates sustainability

An independent jury of internationally renowned experts from the EAPC and EUPCA will select the winner.

The winner will be announced at an award ceremony that will take place during the EAPC congress in Madrid 2017. A representative of the winning institution will receive registration, accommodation and travel costs to attend the three day conference and the ceremony.

If you believe that your institution fulfills our criteria and wish to be considered for this exciting award then the application process opens on 15th September 2016.

The application form and further information will be published on the EUPCA website soon.