End of life care is an important medical field which concerns not just the whole of society, but everyone one of us, too.

At some point all of us will either experience a life-limiting illness or care for a relative or close friend in this situation. The expert care of health and social care professionals trained in palliative care to support patients and their families at this important moment in their lives has been shown to make a significant difference in managing distressing symptom, be they physical, psychological or spiritual and then caring for those who are bereaved. However adequate training, education and leadership in this field is inadequate, or worse still absent, in many parts of the world. The urgency to find a solution to these problems is even more important given the growing numbers of older people living in society, many of whom will live with and die from conditions that may last many years. Things must change.

EUPCA Participants and Alumni are currently designing this change and are making a difference for many patients, their families, and caregivers.

To continue this important work we need your support: The funding of EUPCA is uncertain – every two years we need to raise 350,000 Euro to run the programme and subsidize places for participants who would otherwise not be able to attend. This also applies to our planned Master of Science programme. Society is measured by how it cares for its most vulnerable members, in the case the dying and their families. We therefore depend on partners like you.

With your donation you support specialists that are committed to bringing palliative care and hospice work further throughout Europe.

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