Costs & Finances


The Robert Bosch Stiftung has provided funding for the development and the first two courses of the European Palliative Care Academy. This makes it possible to offer a course worth about 15.000 € per participant at an extremely reduced rate. Participants are expected to pay a course fee as a contribution towards teaching staff, administration costs and teaching materials. The course fee is 2000€ for low income European countries, 3000€ for high income European countries and 6000€ for non-European countries.
Participants are expected to cover their travel and accommodation costs and personal expenses. General support from the applicant’s employer is expected; the employers are asked to contribute to the travel expenses of their employee. A limited amount of grants subsidising the course fee and proportionally subsidising travel expenses are available from EUPCA.

We strongly encourage participants to actively seek alternative funding possibilities, for example through their employer or a sponsor. Some possible examples are in the following. Please check the websites for further information.