Aims and Learning Objectives

The Aims

  • The overall aim of the programme is to develop leaders equipped with necessary competencies to advance palliative care across Europe and beyond.

The Learning Objectives

  • To critically examine the development and organization of palliative care and policy across different settings and countries.
  • To critically appraise the principles of service organisation and management theory and thereby contribute positively to the development and delivery of high quality palliative care.
  • To affect positive change through the development and implementation of policy nationally and internationally.
  • To demonstrate critical self-reflection upon personal and professional development in order to enhance leadership skills.
  • To be able to interact effectively and confidently with a range of professions and agencies both nationally and internationally.
  • To critically evaluate current research and contribute to extending the evidence base in the development and evaluation of palliative care services.
  • To enhance capacity and confidence for decision making in unpredictable and complex situations in palliative care.