Imatullah Akyar

Marjana Bernot

Imatullah Akyar

Hacettepe University Faculty of Nursing, Ankara


Cultural Adaptation of Palliative Care Need Assessment Tool for Geriatric Patients with Cancer


Palliative care is relatively new area of concern in Turkey to be offered at three levels of organization (primary, secondary, and tertiary), and challenged by “population ageing”. As the number of older adults living with multiple chronic illnesses continues to increase, not only the need arises for expanding all services for geriatric population but also the need to develop targeted screening, assessment and referral processes become prominent.



A geriatric palliative care need assessment tool will be culturally adapted and pilot tested for referring older patients with cancer to specialist palliative care in inpatient unit of a university hospital.


Methods / process

As a methodological study the steps of adaptation process will be done through translation, synthesis of translation, expert panel discussion, back translation, and pilot testing. After pilot testing psychometric (reliability – validity) analysis will be conducted.


Intended outputs / impact

With the culturally adapted tool, older adults with cancer will benefit from palliative care at the desired time (concurrently, beginning with the disease diagnosis). Also, selection of patients and determining the palliative care needs will provide better quality care, improve quality of life, and better use of limited services, as well as raising awareness about palliative care through the setting.