Astrid Kodde

Marjana Bernot




Astrid Kodde


General Practice Huisman, Haarlem


The Netherlands






‘Peper voor de PaTz’ (Pepper for the palliative care meeting) – Inspiration book (digital and paper copy) for effective palliative care meetings in primary care



In 2009, the first PaTz group, based on the Gold Standards Framework in the UK, started. The goals of PaTz are :
– early identification of palliative patients
– promotion of expertise in palliative care
– better cooperation between primary care health workers.
More than 200 PaTz groups are established in the Netherlands. In PaTz groups, GPs and primary care nurses discuss how to provide optimal care to the palliative patients in their own practice. A GP or elderly care specialist, specialized in palliative care provides professional advice.
These observations are motivations for this project:
– The majority of the aging population wish to stay at home until death.
– Palliative care is a rapidly developing profession, leading to an overload of information, scattered and not suited for application by primary care health workers.
– In the overloaded daily practice of Dutch GPs and primary care nurses, time and motivation for meetings and quality improvement initiatives are under pressure.
– In the Quality Framework for palliative care in the Netherlands, (Click here) PaTz groups are described as the designated place to improve palliative, primary care
– The limited research on needs of PaTz participants shows that participants wish to reach more in-depth dialogue and knowledge during the meetings. Chairs and consultants are insufficiently facilitatedwith methods and applied research-materials.



Improving palliative care at home, by making and implementing a (digital) inspiration book, establishing
– A clear translation of the Quality Framework to the daily practice in primary care
– Bridging specialized research and knowledge to general, primary care practice
– More effective PaTz meetings, to enhance motivation for and sustainability of PaTz


Methods / process

Analysing available information, forming project team
Production of book, with contributions of palliative care professionals Testing in 3 pilot groups


Intended outputs / impact

In 2021, 50% of PaTz groups use the inspiration book