3rd Leadership Award winner at the EAPC World Congress

At the EAPC Congress on October 7th, the EUPCA Leadership Award in cooperation with EAPC was jointly awarded by Dr. Gerrit Frerich, EUPCA coordinator, and Prof. Dr. Christoph Ostgathe, President of EAPC. The recipient of this year’s award was St. Christopher’s Hospice, represented by Dr. Libby Sallnow, in partnership with the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Kerala, India, for their “Fellowship in Palliative Care” programme. For this programme, in collaboration with the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Pondicherry, India and the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, St. Christopher’s Hospice draws together a group of palliative care leaders from low- and middle-income countries who together to generate in-depth knowledge of core issues in organising palliative care at the grassroot level. The programme is taught using a wide range of contemporary teaching methods. Congratulations to St. Christopher’s Hospice for this excellent programme!

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Winner of the Third Leadership Award 2021: Fellowship in Palliative Care

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EUPCA alumnus receives the Order of Merit of the State of Schleswig Holstein

Minister President Daniel Günther awards Order of Merit.

We sincerely congratulate our EUPCA alumnus Georg Bollig on receiving the Order of Merit of the State of Schleswig Holstein. He supports the efforts of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament to improve the palliativecare and outpatient and inpatient hospice care in the state. He is the initiator of the “Letzte Hilfe Kurse” (last aid courses) and has been advocating for years to take away people’s fear of coming into contact with death. He has successfully managed to arouse interest in his work beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein and Germany, he has also succeeded in arousing interest in his work beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein and Germany. “Letzte Hilfe Kurse” are not only offered nationwide, but are also attracting great interest in European countries. To date, more than 28,000 have taken part in “Letzte Hilfe Kurse” and more than 2,000 have been trained as course trained as course leaders.

EUPCA Alumnus Georg Bollig receives the Heinrich Pera award

Dr. Georg Bollig with his award.

We would like to congratulate our EUPCA alumnus Dr. Georg Bollig who received the Heinrich Pera award for his initiative “Last Aid”. The award is given to those who support palliative and hospice values and help society embody these values.
His initiative “Letzte Hilfe” (translated: “Last Aid”) offers courses teaching palliative care and end of life care skills to medical staff as well as family members of those who are facing death.
More than 30.000 participants have already benefitted from the courses and the initiative has expanded to 17 countries in total.

EUPCA Alumnus Juan Pablo Leiva elected as new Pesident of SECPAL

Dr. Juan Pablo Leiva, the new President of the Spanish Society of Palliative Care

We want to congratulate our EUPCA alumnus Dr. Juan Pablo Leiva, who recently got elected as the new President for SECPAL – the Spanish Society of Palliative Care!

A specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Juan Pablo works in the Support and Palliative Care Team at Manacor Hospital, Mallorca. He believes that palliative care is a strategic key to the humanization of health and says that “we are living a complex historical moment that can be illuminated through working in interdisciplinary teams, and it’s time for healing through leading care for the patients and their families.”

We are positive that he will fulfill his new position outtandingly and wish him all the best!