Yasemin Kiliç Öztürk




Yasemin Kiliç Öztürk


Tepecik Training and Research Hospital, Izmir










HEalth Needs of Informal CarEgivers (HENCE) Project



Palliative care is a rather new established health service in Turkey. Despite the six years period after the foundation of PC inpatient services, there are lot to improve care processes. Many health professions are trying to understand the needs and properties of the patients and decreasing the stress of both patients and employees. Despite; improving the life quality of caregivers’ is one of the main purpose of PC the health of family caregivers take less attention.



To design a booklet consisting of useful information about biological, psychological and social support facilities which will help to improve quality of life of the family caregivers.


Methods / Process

After searching about the pyschosocial features of the family caregivers, a group of consultants made a literature review and designed a workshop with the most suitable participants. Three specific groups (consisting nearly 85 professionals; 10 nGOs representators) worked at the workshop. There is an ongoing process about designining a booklet, using the workshop reports which will consist of useful information about biological, pyschological and social support facilities for the informal caregivers.


Intended Outputs / Impact

The project result will help family caregivers to provide high quality end of life care to their beloved ones and to improve their own life quality. This project will also increase the awareness and motivation about the aim of PC of both health staff and the caregivers. Recognising the health needs of informal caregivers and supporting them can add life to many patients’ days.