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“Workshops for basic health care doctors and nurses from the region of Podkarpacie concerning good practices and cooperation in integrated care at the end of humans life.”



Palliative care in Poland has been progressing very dynamically for years. Unfortunately, due to some economic and social reasons, smaller or less prosperous centers have great difficulties in developing this field of medicine.

It is necessary to integrate the sector dealing with patients at the end of their lives. However, it is equally important, to separate the competence regarding patient care with a positive and negative prognosis.

We should show and speak about what characterizes palliative care, which proceedings are considered to be the correct ones. Indicating the best possible solutions using examples from the other areas of Poland and from abroad is also significant. One of the ways is to educate related professional groups based on workshops conducted by experienced practitioners from other centers.



The aim of the project is to prepare a program of workshops concerning good practices and cooperation in integrated care at the end of patients life. These workshops would be directed to doctors and nurses of basic health care. The project consists of at least 4-5 meetings in larger cities located in the region of Podkarpacie.



Workshops will be based on an analysis of available literature and interviews with people who are not only considered to be authorities in the field of day-to-day care for patients at the end of their lives, but also who are experianced with introducing good practices in palliative care. An additional advantage of the meetings would be the opportunity of an experience exchange with accomplished practitioners involved in organizing palliative care in other regions of Poland.


Results / Conclusion

After the end of the project, the awareness of related professional groups regarding the specifics of palliative care will increase. Workshops will also improve the quality of cooperation between doctors and nurses from particular fields of medicine, which will directly affect the level of provided care and services, and thus – improve the life of patients and their families.