Erika Zelko




Erika Zelko


Publich Health Care Centre, Ljubljana










Developing and piloting a tool for better communication between palliative care providers in Gorenjska region in Slowenia



Involving different stakeholders in palliative care, can be effective only if they can all share the information that are necessary in order to ensure for the patient a care that does not lead to unnecessary interventions, treatments and procedures. This, unfortunately, has not always been the case in Slovenia. The patient has had often due to lack of information and cooperation between different stakeholders treated to aggressive and with unnecessary invasive medical procedures and therapies.



To develop a tool (also in digital form) that would enable all involved in care for the patient to provide a high quality and safe care, that would allow exchange of information and the most effective response in the event of complications or changes in the health status of the patient.



In Order to achieve the highest consensus within family, emergency and palliative care practitioners, we conducted a Delphi research between them. For the statistically analysis we used the qualitative methodology. We included 21 practitioners in the study. The developed tool, would be tested in a pilot project before dissemination to the users.



Achieved consensus about the important information for exchange and study of the good examples, would enable us to develop the tool for better and higher quality in palliative care for our patients.



The developed tool would enable us to provide better palliative care for the patients and ensure a high quality of cooperation between different stakeholders in palliative care.