Britta Thome

Britta Thome

Hospiznetz geG, Marburg





Neva: quality measurement as well as needs –evaluation and prioritization of family care givers in a specialized home centered palliative care (= SAPV) in the rural area of Marburg-Biedenkopf


We (the hospicenet geG as the promoter of the SAPV in the mentioned area) want to evaluate the working quality of the SAPV-team . Furthermore, we have the idea that the hospicenet could possibly do some more activities to take care of the family care givers


Two focus groups were built. One of professional care givers (team member) with a sample size of 10 team members and one of informal care givers (named by the team members) . In this group, 15 care givers were invited by telephone, 5 were not interested for different reasons (it was too soon after the death, too shy to come and speak at such a meeting, no time at all). 3 couldn´t manage to come on the estimated date and 7 gave consent to come. On the day, one care giver was not able to attend due to illness and two care givers were not in attendance but failed to provide a reason. One care giver family was represented by two family members. Due to the findings of the focus groups we created a questionnaire in order to gather and prioritise the findings. The questionnaire will be sent to 100 informal care givers, the estimated response rate is 20% .

Conclusions and first results

The results of the focus groups were a lot of quality measurement criteria which should be asked and which were mentioned by the first focus group and the second focus group gave a lot of hints which they would have needed. All members of the focus group were very satisfied with the work of the SAPV in general. They were all certain they would have liked to have the questionnaire very short after the death of the beloved person. So the questionnaire will be sent out within the first four weeks and includes prioritizing questions matched to the categories the focus group mentioned.