Barbara Lukaszewska

Barbara Lukaszewska

Hospice Światło, Torun

Current needs of psychologists working in palliative care



Psychologists working in palliative care in Kuyavian-Pomeranian district have to deal with different problems, such as: lack of psychological supervision, lack of continual professional training, large numer of patients. Most of them have to work with no support from others.
Several studies [1], [2], [3] showed that there is a place for psychologists in palliative care but their role in a multidisciplinary team should be defined more precisely.
There is no research focused on psychologists’ needs in Poland. Meticulous analyses of their needs and a plan of training and changes is necessary.


The main goal is to get knowledge about psychologists‘ needs. A preparation of support format based on the needs is required.


Psychologists working in 8 palliative care centres in Kuyavian-Pomeranian district will be asked to take a part in the research. Participants (n=15) have to be psychologists working in a palliative care setting: in-patient unit or home hospice.
Qualitative methods (face-to- face structured intereview) will be used. Author of the article will also be an interviewer. Interviews will take a place in each of the 8 palliative care centres in defined period of time (April 2016- August 2016). Conversations will be recorded and transcribed. Transcripts will be analyzed.
Differents groups of responses corresponding to the needs will be identified.


Work in progress.

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