Alumni 2015 – 2017

Gabriela Burlacu

Hospice Casa Sperantei, Bucharest



Project title: Cancer family caregivers during the palliative, hospice, and bereavement phases: A review of the descriptive psychosocial literature

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Adriana Caruntu

Saint Nektarios Palliative Care Centre



Project title: Psychological Counseling Curriculum in Palliative Care

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Simone Cernesi

Primary Care Trust, Sassuolo, Modena



Project title: Do General Practitioners, Patients and Caregivers Need an Additional Framework for Palliative Care in the Community?

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Michael Connolly

University College Dublin

Republic of Ireland


Project title: A service level evaluation of clinical case review as a learning tool in a palliative care in-Patient setting

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Malgorzata Fopka-Kowalczyk

Hospice Światło, Torun



Project title: Self-care of family members in palliative care

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Mariona Guerrero-Torrelles

Institut Català d’Oncologia and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona



Project title: AIDD-A (Advanced Intervention Desire to Die): Assessment and Answer

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Irena Laska

Shoqata Kujdesi Shendetesor Familjar and F.S. Noli University, Korce



Project title: The impact of terminal diseases on family members

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Juan-Pablo Leiva Santos

Department of Palliative Care, Hospital de Manacor, Mallorca, Illes Balears



Project title:Designing a curriculum to support end-of-life issues for firemen in Spain. “Firemen Care”

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Philipp Lenz

University Hospital of Münster



Project title: Concept of a palliative care consult service at the University Hospital of Muenster

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Barbara Lukaszewska

Hospice Światło, Torun



Project title: Current needs of psychologists working in palliative care

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Joanna John

Archidiecezjalny Dom Hospicyjny bł. Jana Pawła II, Katowice



Project title: Non-medical forms of assistance for terminally ill cancer patients. Wide-range training for volunteers

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Malgorzata Olszewska

Hospice Światło, Torun



Project title: Best Practices of hospice-palliative care volunteering in Poland. A case study of state of the art hospice volunteering management


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Vladimir Poroch

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa”, Iasi



Project title: Developing a New Pathway for Management of Palliative Care Patients with Advanced Cancer in Iaşi County

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Loreta Rasute Rezgiene

Siauliai Hospital, Cancer Clinic



Project title: Fundraising for cancer patients’ palliative care

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Lyn Silove

Hospitalisation à Domicile, Fondation Oeuvre de la Croix Saint-Simon, Paris



Project title: A model of a palliative care day centre based on best practice abroad and adapted to local practice in Paris, France

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Iryna Slugotska

Regional Clinical Palliative Care Centre, Ivano-Frankivsk



Project title: Home palliative care – a model to increase accessibility of PC for people in Ukraine (based on example of Precarpatian region)

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Andreas Stähli

Johannes-Hospiz, Münster



Project title: Palliative care for patients with a migration background: a tool

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Britta Thome

Hospiznetz geG, Marburg



Project title: Neva: quality measurement as well as needs –evaluation and prioritization of family care givers in a specialized home centered palliative care (= SAPV) in the rural area of Marburg-Biedenkopf

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Matthias Villalobos

University Hospital of Heidelberg



Project title: Implementation of a palliative care consultation for patients with advanced cancer considered for oncological phase I-trials at the National Centre for Tumour Diseases (NCT Heidelberg University): a qualitative study

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